Juan Luis Ossa Santa Cruz, Director del CEHIP, se coadjudica proyecto con Natalia Sobrevilla  como Investigadora Principal (Universidad de Kent) para los años 2015-2018.

El proyecto se titula: “War and Nation: identity and the process of state-building in South America (1800-1840)” y también participan Alejandro Rabinovich, Marcela Echeverri, Claudia Rosas, Gabriel Di Meglio y Daniel Gutiérrez y contempla reuniones de trabajo en Colombia, Argentina, Chile y Perú.


Abstract: This network seeks to interrogate how war became a catalyst for the creation of identity in South America. From early on war fuelled the development of identities that would eventually become national. To be able to understand how the new states that emerged from colonial administrative areas developed, it is necessary to work outside the constraints of the nations we know today and study conflict from a regional perspective. The network will produce historical scholarship, an online documentary resource accessible to the wider public and will engage with popular understandings of the nation around key public celebrations.


Fondo: Leverhulme Trust (https://www.leverhulme.ac.uk/)